Having the experience of being raised in an Islamic context in the Middle East as well as within the Hindu Culture in India, and now a Post-Christian Culture, God called Sam John to be able to contextualize the gospel while understanding their perspective. 

As a Fourth Generation Missionary, Sam has the unique exposure to ministry in rural and urban missions, having been directly involved in both. He is an Ordained Pastor under the Canadian Christian Minister’s Federation.

Not only does Sam bring a wealth of experience and service from his ministry and cultural background, he also brings a great deal of leadership to support the Ministry.

Sam, Bibby, and their three children, made the journey to Canada in 2014 as Skilled Permanent Residents. While they were settling in and getting to know their community, God placed a weight for people upon their hearts. This weight led them to set out into three years of prayer and fasting, seeking God’s desire for the work to be done in their new home. During this time of prayer and fasting, Sam was impressed with the name “Underground,” which represented two powerful ministries within his life. The first, the underground ministry of his parents in Saudi Arabia and secondly, his Evangelical work leading a Christian metal band in the Underground Metal scene.

The power of the evangelism and discipleship that took place combined with the experience of a movement, and the Apostolic call over Sam’s life led to the name of the church, Church Underground. 

Sam is an MBA in Finance, a Master’s Degree in Commerce, and a Scrum Master. He’s worked in various Multinational corporations and banks. Today he’s a Real Estate Investor and Advisor and brings his secular background and experience to Church Underground. He’s also heavily involved in the community and partners with various organizations to meet people where they are…

He loves to study the Bible, Biblical Theology, Apologetics, Hermeneutics, Servant Leadership, and Finance.

He also loves metal music and he often invests his time as a song-writer, producer, and vocalist for various Christian Metal bands and projects.

In his additional time… he likes to meet older Pastors and experienced Ministerial leaders, taking advice, praying, reconfirming his Apostolic call over North America..

Together, Sam, Bibby and their family reside in Ancaster, Ontario and they desire for their co-vocational skills and hearts to be dedicated to the service of helping reach, teach, and grow Church Underground Network throughout all of Southern Canada and beyond and eventually to help financially fund at least 100 church plants in rural India and other unreached places within their lifetime.