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About CU Kids
About CU Kids

At CU Kids, we believe that faith should be a joyful and enlightening journey. Through a variety of age appropriate activities, interactive lessons, and a supportive community, we aim to nurture your child’s spiritual growth while having lots of fun along the way.

We invite you to bring your children to Kids church to explore their faith, make new friends, and embark on an exci?ng adventure of spiritual discovery. Our dedicated team of teachers and volunteers is here to welcome your child with open arms.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is specially designed to address the most important questions that kids often ask as they embark on their spiritual journey. Here are some of the key questions we tackle:

Is God real?

Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, we help children explore the concept of God’s existence and His presence in their lives.

How is the Bible – the true word of God?

We delve into the history and significance of the Bible, helping kids understand why it is considered the ultimate guide for faith and life.

How can I apply God’s timeless principles in my life?

We empower kids to apply biblical teachings and principles to their everyday lives, fostering a strong moral compass.

What is true success?

We redefine success from a biblical perspective, emphasizing the importance of character, integrity, and service to others.

How can I be spiritually rich?

Our lessons encourage kids to discover the richness of their spiritual lives and develop a personal relationship with God.

How can I be saved?

We guide children through the process of salvation, helping them understand the importance of faith, repentance, and grace.

Who is Jesus?

We introduce kids to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, emphasizing His role as the Son of God and Savior.

Do I have hope beyond this life?

We explore the concept of eternal life and provide comfort and hope, reassuring kids of God’s love and His promise of a heavenly future.

Freebie For Parents
Freebie For Parents

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Signing Sessions
Signing Sessions

At CU Kids we also host singing classes every alternate Sundays with a Professional singing coach. It is a platform for kids to learn the different nuances of singing in an engaging and playful way. We work
with exercises that hone the vocal skills ranging from ear training to rhythmic accuracy and healthy tone production.

The social aspect of this program encourages kids to break out of their inhibitions, enabling them to embrace their own voices in the presence of their peers.

Ultimately, this experience leads to group performances as a choir, fostering values such as consideration, apprecition for others, and self-awareness, aligning with the teachings of kindness and understanding in a godly manner.

CU Kids Church Leaders

Bibby John
Plejo Chacko
Thushara Mathew
Rebecca Koshy

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While school caters to the mind, body and knowledge, we cater to the spiritual questions kids often have, which are unanswered many times.
Come check us out, your kids will love to come to church!